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May 3, 2014 5:00am PDT
was russia. however police account nl east are skeptical of the chances of these candidates according to statistics the party of regions could lose its appeal it in the stands thousand agents. stepson and nicolette region is contesting any way to play a crane and i didn't eat it. this is contingent. a toast to choose to be won on the basis for the fight to the chancellor. oh wells while so you will know. oh but the eu. sedition is lately each and every candidate whether the gymnasts and that the diocese and russian as the second piece of land based in center for most of the opposite eds are overseas and on and on the most ridiculous she doesn't want to be friends with modern russia plans to get spring and that offence and defence potential. she also promises to fight for the games. in your basic communication she will bite me. nate and i sat and talked about to start in defence potential. she doesn't catch problems especially economics of it in my knee and it is a region of the absence of dollars of her eight years. the service men and a fun and the top of the senate caucus in the wi
May 2, 2014 5:00am PDT
in the actions on the territory of maine and ukraine citizens of ukraine russia and representatives of pressure because the movement or is there to prevent terrorism suspects in their regions. this is the main cost for the security forces and government officials said the acting president of ukraine on sunday to check up at a meeting with the hats and regional state administrations. no one's to this effect is preparing supper task in six regions of ukraine. but the main holidays. i was in groups and to destabilize the situation had this up. but asked for his epic song and the cry of regions soapbox. yes i did it not been told the station into regions namely convenience and once set the chin. it will. i joined and tension of heads of administrations of those regions. the detention of heads of security agencies tend to care for it especially during the may holidays we must ensure that our citizens can relax during these holidays. when must provide them with peace of mind and protection it's okay we anticipate possible exams and stuffs imitate his cord and disinformation up our intelligence with m
May 1, 2014 5:00am PDT
dancing with the sounds of russia and referendum. this effort is deeply sleeping in like with brush and ricotta and one sticks playing inside and the high street and back at me every. was stoning death like this what smashing glass windows and doors. according to the local media want us and stopped at a goat head injury. around three thousand people on this plan yet the administration on its roof and in the enclosed porch at the moment. many of them pulled in but she likes and enjoy the picts. in n out one of the stage of the highest regional administration separate if captured the town console him for the mice. he also told the national flag off and put the gun out of the so called two behinds people's republic was at the news about tiki player can id card debts the condition of their internal organs of the wanted men yet does not raise the sons and on the israeli doctors. this was reported in a social match won by the spokesman. hope i can say to console your ease the door and the patient was transported to one of the clinging to him hi fi at night. it's really don't diss things u
Apr 30, 2014 5:00am PDT
ukraine and supplies from russia not started yet. policy of this midrash and licenses for this correspondence no more. a q and a promise to lead to changes of my sis has already became obvious that he has had to run and run the cd searching for it might kill scenes but they do when they find it save it failed to injury sixpence almost every scene from tnt series trucks some of them gets more expensive leahy her sons' sons and my sister percent every two bit more expensive in amongst us. what women to us and you see a thing. there are no problems was too which for now there is enough for me to try are changed almost every day. potatoes carrots and me too attached to him in the south. cucumbers are local so they can get up and down the coast was fourteen for defining our own needs coast eat eat eat and seventy two eighteen and reached sixty five. it's expensive earlier it's best to keep trying. but the thing that yet. then there's hope this so called transition period to our list long and the situation on the lights customers aren't rich chocolaty price coast example an
Apr 28, 2014 5:00am PDT
and russia to provide ukrainian authorities and the monitoring mission with all necessary support. then add to the need to change in the city's main mining capital of the country's identity in offices on msnbc chef of the amount of the two thousand eleven in a document and it means for strengthening trust and security. his condition is that the militants. what is not an elite as terence he asked about america's dominance location but also about the tasks set charges they make conclusions actions of the ukrainian on it at such a novel on the current conditions i think that the radio off false is by ukraine. he is on the up the national sobering tea. it's a national obligation. they have not cheated because the international alliance of you in all what he has. thats all what i did see. has he made the decision cycle off this offer and third ukraine was just not good if not managed to answer that question. any foreign state agency training but promised a friend that i was in a week deal announced emissions conclusion in ten days imagine an adult nine sided with the campaign to support ukrainia
Apr 27, 2014 5:00am PDT
and the variety tends to keep the dirt. he declared the country is in the war and the purpose of russia is to provoke civil conflicts the trust him ex soldiers of the third battalion of the nation on god or ukraine contest oatmeal into a new niece and radio sets helmets body armor and night vision devices. he also gave them children lecherous easter cakes and eggs. the guards and the philippines ten of them i got out of the tour and they kissed in the region in particular new capital spending as presents to mornington to ward off checkpoints. he denounced hakim i need to do with the idea and aunt restoration of me and nearly all male infants. it is not my student of the key factor has gradually come to the self injury. just as the teaching and if we are called civilized world the non stop him. it is about how much he thinks will be the time he was a hand extended to me ukraine hundreds memory of victims of economic disaster twenty eight years ago the force director of the pure power plant exploded most liquidators of the disaster her and the first to fight the new claire force are alrea
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6